Broken Seeds

Broken Seeds is a collection inspired by botany. During the lockdown I buried myself in my studio, and began the creation of twelve new wearable textile sculptures. "A seed has to totally destroy itself to become a flower" (Honey Boy, 2019) - this quote produced questions like: What kind of future are we planting for ourselves and all beings? What are we reaping? More importantly, at what cost? "We reap what we sow" follows a spiral sequence of many other thoughts. Honouring the pain we have gone through during this pandemic, we have broken through new layers, yielding new and deeper meanings, revaluing our roots, and choosing which version of reality will bring growth and spiritual transformation. This "isolation" made us realise how much more powerful we are when we are connected, and how we are not separated from each other or Earth, but actually deeply interdependent. Using a range of different fabrics collected over the years, this collection comes in all shades of colours. Created exclusively with what I had at home, Broken Seeds uses reference to androgynous creatures, both elegant and grotesque. Each piece is textured, lush, and pleasing to the eyes. I decide to create beauty and water my dreams with hope, trusting that they will flourish. The river of life is powerful, we only have to hold on to love.