YIN: Elegantly in the dark she wears a confident and soft smile. On her head a castle; a place where dark forces and the darkest days are strongly defended or upheld. One finger lightly touches the white ball anticipating a movement of dynamic change, a disasters to turn out to be blessings, a illness in the doorway to health, a passage through the other side. YANG: Confident and assuring in the light. An expression which holds knowledge and strength. On the head seeds sprouting and growing upwards towards the sky to bring pure new beginning. The hand rests on the black ball patiently creating and opening spaces for new ideas while awaiting for a journey through the other side. ____________________ We are all in this together In this together It’s all together, in this.

Model: Georgina Casanova Homs Costumes & Photography: Paola Idrontino Art & Design