Les Bernardes

In Breathing Waves, Paola Idrontino - a.k.a "Papayapie" - presents her fascination with the sea; at the same time, she tries to understand the peculiar way in which humans relate to this extremely powerful entity of our planet, one that both literally breathes life and has also been described countless times by great literature as a metaphor for life itself. Paola Idrontino's photographs and textile sculptures express an affection for tales and myths, with references to a feminine world that becomes a protective deity of underwater creatures. Honouring the physical dimension of the oceans, the artist's work represents beauty, exuberant and chromatic, assuming it as metaphysics that define and connect us. In contrast, Idrontino's majestic anthropomorphic creations magnify with their preciousness the other side of the mask and what is hidden beneath the disguise: a condition of fragility and of climate urgency - such as the bleaching of corals - instigating the participation, the interpretation and the conscience of the spectator. Art has everything to do with submerging oneself - the unknown territory of exploring those depths - and in front of Paola Idrontino's work, we immerse ourselves in an extraordinary and hidden, yet perceivable universe that provokes us with each wave. (by Laura Cornejo).