Originally from Italy, Paola Idrontino is a costume designer, textile and visual artist currently based in Barcelona.

After moving to London in 1997 to study art, she found her niche there and stayed for 13 years.
In 2004 she completed a first class BA (Hons), in graphic design at Central St Martins College, London.

In 2005 she launched Papayapie, with the intention of exploring new ways of highlighting and dramatising the natural silhouette of the body using bizarre costumes and accessories.

She is stirred by a passion for story telling, textile and beauty within nature, otherworldly wearable costumes and creatures from the deep sea.

With an underpinning of traditional techniques, she exploits the manipulative properties of fibres and combines them with unexpected and widely contrasting materials, both new and recycled.

Paola balances the absurd with the deepest depths, the whimsical with the emotional.

 “Your genius for quirk and zany storytelling meets your other half, your extraordinary imagination, sense of colour and texture and your dexterity with fabric and there is a marriage of such richness that is breathtaking”. (anonymous admirer)


Documentary by Puai Films 
Created by Bárbara R. Costa and Florencia Reolon