JUTE Magazine

FOLLOW YOUR MAGICAL MYSTERY SUMMER Stroy publishe din Jute Magazine, July 2018. Photo: Brulliant Model: Olivia Harvey, Stylist: Pipi, Designer: Paola Idrontino, MUAH: Rita Skomrova

LTEC Magazine

This is The Art of WAR, story fot Let Them Eat Cake Magazine, London 2006. Denim headband: Paola Idrontino,. Photo: Dave Purgas, Style: Britta Burger.

Lampoon Magazine

The Crafted issue, November 2019. Photography: Marlon Rueberg, Styling: Giorgia Fuzio Models Matilda. Hair: Chiara Bussei, Make-up: Alessia Stefano Neckalces: Paola Idrontino. ---- Lampoon is an independent quarterly magazine based in Milan and published in both English and Italian and distributed to the UK and US as well as Italy.

ELLE Serbia

New story in Elle Serbia, December 2019. Photo: Celia Suarez, Headpieces: Paola Idrontino, Stylist Sylvia Bonet, Makeup: Claudia de Anta, Model: Zuzann Pagowska.

Anon Magazine

Story ROCK THE BLOOM for Anon Magazine, 2019. ROCK THE BLOOM story for Anon Magazine Photo: Damian Razzini Pic 1 & 2 Headpiece & Sholderpiece: Paola Idrontino Stylist: Raquel Lopez Aranda MUP: Rafa Gil - iconspain Model: Erik Guinis


Editorial for VOOM MAG, July 2020. ---- We – human beings – are a long way from being able to live independently of our environment. How can this urge to consume obliterate all ethical and ecological considerations? What is the impact of our consumerist society? Why should human beings – the homo sapiens of the animal species – come before other species? This photographical study aims to tackle these questions, signal the danger of our actions, and the repercussions of our consumerist society on ecology and biodiversity within species and between species and ecosystems. The human being, represented by the model, is dressed to represent an animal in its natural habitat. The two entities languish together in an ecosystem transformed by humans’ rubbish. Balance and equality are no longer simply desirable. They are vital for planet Earth. For all species, including our own. --------- Photography: Malgorzata Blasiak, Styling: Ekaterina Perekopskaya, Make-up & Hair: Anastasiia Babii, Swan Costume: Paola Idrontino


THE COLOUR OF FREEDOM editorial for IGNANT Magazine, September 2020. Model: Paula Sanz, Style: Minerva Portillo, Ph: Álvaro Gracia, Makeup: Wild Van Dijk, Dres by Paola Idrontino- Euphorbia Flanaganii, from Broken Seeds collection, 2020.

Flanelle Magazine

Editorial in Flanelle Magazine: http://flanellemag.com/sea-creatures-by-francisco-marzal-for-flanelle-magazine/ --- SEA CREATURES – PAOLA IDRONTINO BY FRANCISCO HERNANDEZ MARZAL September 12, 2020 Fashion Designer: Paola Idrontino Photographer: Francisco Hernandez Marzal Models: Eleonore Dumesnil & Arantxa Julve @Carmen Duran Makeup Artist: Kuki Gimenez Videographer: Adri Almazan


Latest editorial for MODIC magazine, Sept 2020. Ph: Cristina Garcia Peñas Style: Marie Marquez & Laura Vidal MUA: Paula Castillo Models: Avo Figueredo & Cristina Puigdomenech Headpieces/mouth piece: Paola Idrontino

Neo2 magazine, October 2020

Fotografía: Diego Sotelo. Modelo: Nathaniel Antonio. MUAH y estilismo: Johny Dean. Costume: Paola Idrontino.