Arte Elevata

Video and textile art installation about Domestic Violence presented at Arte Elevata, Italy, 2010. Each act of violence can work as a catalyst for what may become profound experiences of shock and torment. The cotton thread, the increase in the pace of the crude needle and the pace of volume and sound are symbolic of this gradual movement towards emotional turmoil.

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Design Museum

Evanescent is presented at The Design Museum of Barcelona during #BEFF - Barcelona Ethical Fashion Fest. Hosted by Moda Sostenible Bcn, the goal of this festival is to raise awareness in society about the benefits of sustainable fashion, as well as boosting and stimulating its creation, production, sale and use.

Maritime Museum

Officially invited by Drap Art to dispaly Evanescent at The Maritime Museum, Barcelona. The volume of positive feed back during the show was mind blowing. I was able to have direct conversation with people about the important message Evanescent was there to represent; coral bleaching caused by climate change, ( global warming) caused by the pollution created by humans - particularly the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced when we burn fossil fuels like oil and gas. We can try to reduce climate change by moving towards renewable energy. People very much enjoyed the chroma depth 3D glasses, it gave them the experience of being under water. ----- Drap-Art was born as an international festival of recycling art in Barcelona in 1995 and has been present in more than 16 countries. In its 22 years of activity the project has extended to the Americas, with an annual meeting in Barcelona (Spain), Montevideo (Uruguay), Pittsburgh (USA), and since 2017 also in Buenos Aires (Argentina) disseminating the work of more than 780 artists and organizing awareness-raising activities for all types of public.


My work was selected to be showcased in New York and Basel.

Centre Civic Barceloneta

My work was selected to be part of two group shows.

Feria Arco

Show at Hotel Puerta America, diring Feria Arco, Madrid. Organised by Art Lover Ground.

Arteria BCN

Eonbují live performance at Arteria BCN, organised by Art Lover Ground, Barcelona

Young Gallery

Art show during Young Gallery Weekend, Barcelona. Hosted by Filippo Ioco Gallery and Art Lover Ground.

Breathing Waves

Breathing Waves was Paola Idrontino’s first solo show curated by Laura Cornejo. It showcases textile sculptures and photographic work related to the beauty of our world’s oceans and the devastating effects of climate change on coral reefs. The show was open to the public from Nov 8th to Dec 27th 2019, at Les Bernardes Art Exhibition Centre, Girona (Catalonia, Spain)

BIEN - Textile Art Biennial

Invited to take part of this textile event showcasing my masks. Here a video teaser: -------- BIEN 2021 Textile Art Biennial Kranj, Radovljica, Škofja Loka 26. 5.–14. 8. 2021 Between 26 May and 14 August 2021 the BIEN Textile Art Biennial will present more than 40 exhibition projects, a series of art residencies and an online program. BIEN draws from the heritage of the industry and the identity of the space. It focuses on textiles, sustainable materials and principles, promotes interdisciplinary artistic connections and pays special attention to the best works of current student production. Exhibition projects and installations will be on display in established gallery spaces in Gorenjska, such as the Layer House, the Škrlovec Tower and the Gorenjska Museum in Kranj, the Šivčeva House in Radovljica and the Škofja Loka Museum, as well as in public space. The main exhibition venue of the biennial will be the empty space of the former covered garage on the third floor of the Kranj Globus, work of architect Edvard Ravnikar.