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Ashey, 2017:

Ashey, is a woman from Ouku galaxy. She is the carrier of death, known to bring an end to suffering. On her last trip to Earth, she got captured by humans, whom for years, have been obsessed with the idea of becoming immortal. Depicted in this scene you can see Ashey, compassionately clarifying that she is a part of life, that the secret to it, is to become death and transform through it.

Model: Rachel Rodríguez

#art  #beauty  #costume designer  #death  #photo  #photography  #skull  #story telling  #woman

Berenice, 2016:

Inspired by the horror story by Edgar Allan Poe.Berenice begins to deteriorate from an unnamed disease until the only part of her remaining healthy is her teeth, which become the object of Egaeus' obsession. Berenice is buried, and Egaeus continues to contemplate her teeth. One day Egaeus wakes up from a period of focus with an uneasy feeling, and the sound of screams in his ears. A servant startles him by telling him Berenice's grave has been disturbed, and she is still alive; but beside Egaeus is a shovel, a poem about "visiting the grave of my beloved" and a box containing 32 blood-stained teeth.

------- Model: Jùlia Serrano, Mup&Hair: Mar Pérez Júlvez

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