Garments and neck pieces inspired by the healing power of women. A journey of creation that carries strength and blessings.


EVOLUTION. AD 2035 - A planet far across the galaxy, called Hamrtyme, is inhabited by a three-eared Rabbit race. One of them, named Eonbují, accompanied by a snail named Wind, is preparing for the most momentous voyage in history.


ILLUSION. This is the story of the Cow Prince who's fetish for a pair of shoes put him under a spell of illusion. It grew stronger each day to a point of obsession. He was bewitched by them and confused them for his lover...


SCRUTINY. This is the story of a Mouse that was busy chasing his tail and forgot about his grand virtue - to observe the infinite universe and look within towards wholeness...


CHANGE. This is the story of a widow that longed for her lost husband - a frog, born with a crystal heart. He could sing songs that called the rain to earth. His absence caused her great sadness and her eyes filled with tender tears...


SILENCE. The Great Spirit Mother holds the mystery of death and beyond. She is the merging of light and darkness. She perceives all realities, within and without. Upon her head lies a nest; inside the nest rests a crow. The crow guards the Onyx Stone...

Past & Shows

Spotlights since 2005.

Trash Monster

We all seem to have the assumption that as soon as trash leaves our hands, it is not our responsibility anymore.

Domestic Violence

Each act of violence can work as a catalyst for what may become profound experiences of shock and torment.


Inspired by the old fashioned scent of grandma's chest of drawers and the colour black.


Armoured with shoulder pads, this collection takes its inspiration by Lao traditional dress, fiction hero, samurai warrior and matador costumes.


Faerie tales, frilled jabot, textures within nature.


Inspired by Dada movement and propaganda posters.