Story for KALTBLUT

Photo: paolocolaiocco
Creative Direction and Styling: nataliabrm
MUP: laraquerciolimakeup
Models: amynofearr @ibruz_
daniel_boco, isac_yrn
Styling Assist: camillebersier_art

Diversity consists of unlearning the beliefs that limit us, that make us have fear. It’s about questioning everything we hear and what our mind thinks, mostly what we have learned from society. It is about being curious, and accepting everything as it is, embracing and celebrating our differences that make us the individuals that we are.
The real heroes are the ones who aren’t afraid to be. The ones that even though, sometimes the world doesn’t have a place for them, they create a new space where they can be free. It is thanks to these people that society evolves into a more inclusive one. Being free is a privilege that not everyone has. I want to create a space where you can feel freedom, where imagination can take you as far as you want. The idea is based on creating a parallel universe, a place without limits and boundaries, where everything you are, is welcome.