Bare Bones, 2020
Eitorial for VOOM

We – human beings – are a long way from being able to live independently of our environment.
How can this urge to consume obliterate all ethical and ecological considerations? What is the impact of our consumerist society? Why should human beings – the homo sapiens of the animal
species – come before other species?
This photographical study aims to tackle these questions, signal the danger of our actions, and the repercussions of our consumerist society on ecology and biodiversity within species
and between species and ecosystems.

Photography: Malgorzata Blasiak
Bird dress – Paola Idrontino
Styling: Ekaterina Perekopskaya
MUP & Hair: Anastasiia Babii
Deco: Raquel Peninha
Luana Escobar Aranibar
Retouch: Marcin Mikus
Photography Assistants: Jonathan Pierrot, Marion Moulet
With support: PureCleanEarth