Drap Art


Officially invited by Drap Art to dispaly Evanescent at The Maritime Museum, Barcelona.

The volume of positive feed back during the show was mind blowing. I was able to have direct conversation with people about the important message Evanescent was there to represent; coral bleaching caused by climate change, caused by the pollution created by humans, particularly the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced when we burn fossil fuels like oil and gas. We can try to reduce climate change by moving towards renewable energy.

People very much enjoyed the chroma depth 3D glasses, it gave them the experience of being under water.

Drap-Art was born as an international festival of recycling art in Barcelona in 1995 and has been present in more than 16 countries. In its 22 years of activity the project has extended to the Americas, with an annual meeting in Barcelona (Spain), Montevideo (Uruguay), Pittsburgh (USA), and since 2017 also in Buenos Aires (Argentina) disseminating the work of more than 780 artists and organizing awareness-raising activities for all types of public.